Consignment Sales

We will gladly accept your firearm for consignment sales.  Effective April 2019, we have changed our fee schedule.  We charge 15% of sales price with a minimum charge of $75.00.  If the gun does not sell or the buyer wishes to reclaim the gun, the consignment fee in all cases reverts to $75.00, regardless of the value of the gun.  That covers the paper work of consigning the gun, writing the ad, photographing the gun and posting it on my web page.  It also covers making appointments with potential customers, showing and selling the gun.  It does not cover the buyers  DROS fee.   My consignment fee is earned when the firearm is sold or when it is reclaimed by the consignor.  I normally will deduct the consignment fee from the sales price of the gun and send the proceeds of the sale to the Seller at time of sale.   The Seller may also pay the fee at the time of the consignment. There is not time limit on consignments.

All guns left with a dealer for sale become part of his inventory. If you change your mind and wish to have a consigned gun returned to you, California law requires that the gun be DROS’ed back to you as though you were purchasing the gun. The return DROS fee is $35.00 as provided by law.

When the firearm is sold, the consignment becomes a Private Party Transfer and the seller must sign the DROS paper work as the Seller.

Do not hesitate to ask me any question you may have regarding your consignments.  My primary interest is in helping you sell your gun.

(Effective 04/01/19)