Styer – 95/31, 8X56R rifle, $395.00

Styer –  Model 95/31 bolt action rifle chambered in 8X56R.  The Austro- Hungarian M1895 was the primary battle rifle during WWI and was used for some time there after. This unique straight pull bolt action rifle was designed by the Austrian engineer Ferdinand Karl Adolf Josef Mannlicher and converted in Hungary  by FEG in Budapest in 1931 and chambered for the new 8X56R, with new metric ladder sights and addition of a front sight protector.  This gun has all matching numbers, solid wood with not cracks and a very good bore with strong rifling.   Some were reissued and used during WWII.  An excellent shooter and a collectible Steyr rifle.  We have ammo available and 50 rounds are included with the purchase.  $395.00 #1554-5-R