Private Sales – Guns And Accessories

This is a new feature from De Chiel Firearms. It is being offered as a service to my old customers and current members of South Bay Rod & Gun Club.

The firearms that are listed as consignments are privately owned guns that have been placed in my inventory by the owners.  I write the ads, I make the appointments, I show the guns, I do the transfers and send the proceeds to the sellers minus a consignment fee.

Pistol Examination (image)Firearms that are listed on my site which are categorized as Private Sales are in the possession of the sellers/owners. They make up their own ads, make their own appointments, show the guns, and when they find a willing buyer, they can go to any FFL holder (including me) and complete the sale.  The fee for running their firearm ads on this site is $20.00 per firearm. The fee for listing any amount of accessories is $20.00.  We will run the ad for 6 months and then it will be dropped unless we receive a request to run the ad for another 6 months.

Have a gun to sell (or any sporting supplies, for that matter) that you want to handle on your own? Write your ad and send it to me via the form on my contact page.  Send your $20 check by mail to:
De Chiel Firearms, 1069 Monserate Ave., Chula Vista, Ca. 91911