New Guns

We sell new guns purchased directly from major Distributors and Manufacturers throught out the United States.  We can give you a personal quote on any firearm.  If you can give us the manufacturers product number, we can give you an exact quote.  If you cannot provide the product number, please provide as much information as you can to help identify exactly which make and model you desire to purchase.

One of our Distributors is Davidsons of Prescott, Az. and you can access their inventory through Gallery of Guns.  De Chiel Firearms - Davidsons of Prescott logo (image)There you will also find pictures and a full description of a large variety of gun from most manufacturers as well a links to the manufacturers web pages.  Prices posted on Gallery of Guns are our prices to you.  You can purchase directly on Gallery of Guns using your credit card for a deposit.  The guns will be shipped directly to us for transfer to you.   You will pay us the balance and you can pick up your new firearm after the 10 day waiting period.

Another of our major suppliers is Sports South.  As with Davidsons, you can access their inventory at The Shooting Store and make purchases directly from them, for shipment to our store. You can visit their site and get availability and full description on hundreds of firearms.   During check-out, you will see the total price you will pay for the gun.  There are not extra charges other than the $25.00 California registration/DROS fee.  Contact us  if you have any questions.