Mosin Nagant – 1891/59 Rifle, Russian 7.62 X 54, $450.00

Mosin Nagant  – Model 91/59, bolt action rifle chambered in 7.62 X 54 Russian.  The M1891/59s were created by shortening M1891/30 rifles to carbine length, with rear sight numbers partially ground off to reflect reduced range. These rifles are almost clones of the M38 except for the ground off M91/30 rear sight.  The “1891/59” marking on the receiver suggests the carbines were created in or after 1959. It was initially thought that Bulgaria or another Soviet satellite country performed the conversions in preparation for a Western invasion that never came. Recent evidence suggests that the M91/59 was indeed produced in Bulgaria from Soviet-supplied wartime production M91/30s.  The rifle is unfired in mint condition.   $450.00  # 2339  .