Howa/Legacy – 1500 Varminter, .308 rifle. $745.00 REDUCED

Howa  -Legacy Sports Model 1500  Supreme Varminter, chambered in 308 Winchester.  Hammer forged contoured heavy 24 inch stainless steel barrel, laminated black pepperwood stock manufactured by Boyds, 9.9 lbs.  Stock has a Monte Carlo cheek piece and a right hand palm swell. Barrel has 1 in 12 twist and 5 round internal box magazine, hinged floor plate.  The barrel is tapped mid way up the barrel for long tube scopes (Unertl target scopes, etc) and something you don’t see on many rifles, as well as standard receiver tapping for conventional scope mounting.  Trigger is adjustable, factory set at about 4 lbs and has a wide target shoe.  Rifle in new and unfired in original box with manual.  $845.00 REDUCED TO $745.00