Enield – 2A1 MK III, Ishapore, 308 rifle, $775.00 REDUCED

Enfield  –  Ishapore manufactured 2A1 bolt action rifle, chambered in .308 Win. (7.62×51 NATO).   This is not a conversion to the NATO cartridge, it was originally chambered for the NATO round.  Manufactured in 1966 by R.F.I. (Rifle Factory Ishapore) in India.  The factory is know for its high quality steel and these are stronger rifles that the Enfields built for the 303 Britt round.  Many of the rifles in early production used soft, reclaimed wood stocks from original Enfields.  This stock is all Indian dark hardwood of excellent quality and durability.  Appears to have all matching numbers and in original condition as imported, has not been cleaned of preservatives, wood is solid with no cracks.    All metal is in very good condition and bore is strong.  Unfired since original importation in 1995.  Iron sights are in excellent condition and elevation marks are crisp and clear.  Not only a great shooter but also highly collectible, limited production and not imported for many years.  $975.00  #2032-5-L  (we have ammo)