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When buying a gun on line, you first should make sure it is legal to transfer in California. If it is a long gun (rifle or shotgun), it is legal unless it falls into the assault weapon category.  If you are not sure of what constitutes an assault rifle, you can find the laws on California Department of Justice Web Site at : If the gun you are considering is a hand gun, you can check to see if it is approved by the State of California at :


Shaking Hands (image)Once you have determined that the gun is legal in California, you can complete the purchase with the seller.  This usually involves sending them a check, money order or credit card information to complete the transaction.  They will have to ship the gun to a Federal Firearms Dealer in your area to transfer the gun into your possession.  The FFL dealer will have to FAX or e-mail a copy of his license to the shipping dealer before they will ship the gun.  You will need to provide the FAX number or e-mail address to your dealer or if the shipper does not have a FAX or e-mail, your dealer will need a mailing address of the shipper so a copy of his FFL can be mailed to the shipper.


If I am selected as your dealer in California, your fees are as follows.  I charge $60.00 to handle the transaction. There is also a State of  California Registration/Transfer fee of $25.00. If the gun is being purchased from an out of state dealer and the gun is shipped to me for transfer, California considers me to be the dealer of sale and requires that I collect California State Sales Tax on the value of the transfer at the rate of 8 %, which is our current State Sales Tax. If you are purchasing the gun from a private individual and it is merely being shipped to me by a dealer, I will not collect sales tax if the private party seller will include information pertaining to the purchase price, the model of the firearm with serial number, a statement that he is selling the gun to you, that he is not a dealer, and include a copy of his State Drivers License or State ID Card.  If a private party seller is shipping a long gun directly to me,  I will only handle the transfer if he includes a copy of a current Drivers License or State ID Card.  Unlicensed sellers may not ship their own handguns.


For me to transfer the gun to you, you must be a legal resident of the State of California.  You must have a California Drivers License or California Identification Card, unless you are a member of the military on permanent duty assignment to a ship or station in California.  If you are a member of the military, you must provide a copy of your orders showing your ship or duty station assignment and present your Military ID.


To purchase a handgun there are additional requirements.  If you are not a member of the military or if you do not fall into an exempt category, you must have a Handgun Safety Card.  If you do not have one, I can provide one for you.  To issue the card to you, you will have to complete a 30 question State test on handgun safety and pay a State fee of $25.00 for the card, which is good for a period of 5 years from the date of issue.  You will have to present two proofs of residence in California.  One can be your drivers license, if it has your correct address on it.  You can use a copy of a utility bill that has your name and address or a lease agreement or a property tax bill.  Credit card statements or other types of bills are not acceptable.


There are also Safe Storage Law requirements.  For purchases of hand guns, Federal Law requires that a locking device be provided with the gun at time of transfer.  California requires that the device be a State approved lock for the type of gun you are purchasing.  If the gun does not come with an approved lock you must purchase one from me at the time of transfer.  In the event that the gun is a long gun, you can avoid the lock requirements if you have a gun safe approved by the State of California for the storage of firearms.  You can sign a statement to that effect at the time of purchase.


I will be more than glad to assist you with your out of state or out of the area purchase. On the positive side, I have been handling this form of purchase for customers since 1993 and so far, I have not had a customer cheated by a seller.  Additionally, I have only had a couple of guns delivered that were not as advertised and in those cases, the seller took the guns back and the purchaser was only out his shipping costs.   (07/14)