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Spencer – 1898, 12 GA shotgun. $350.00

Spencer  –  Christopher M. Spencer,  Model 1989, Spencer pump action Spencer RPTG. Shot Gun.  Manufactured in 1896 and sold through F. Bannerman, MNFR, New York from 1890 to 1907.  This was the first pump action shot gun manufactured.   32 inch Damascus barrel.  Most case coloring and bluing gone, replace with brown patina on barrel.  Functioning and appears to be all original.  Overall fair to pretty good condition, considering its age.  This was a gun probably used to put food on the table for many years.  Used 2.5 inch black powder shells. If you want a piece of shotgun history, this is it.   I recommend you do not fire this gun without certification by a gunsmith  No paperwork required as this is an antique firearm.  $350.00