Sig Sauer – P250, 40 S&W pistol. $495.00 (LE ONLY)

Sig Sauer  –  Model 250 U.S. Border Patrol limited production, semi-auto compact pistol chambered in 40 Smith & Wesson.  Number 567 of 2463, custom engraved for the Boarder Patrol.  Unique modular gun allows shooter to remove  functional mechanism and replace into a grip frame of his choice.  With additional slide and barrel, you can convert these modular pistols to 9mm, for example, and select one of six different grip frame sizes.  Double action only, contrast sight, two 13 round magazines, manual and lock.  Comes in factory hard case.  New and unfired.  $495.00  #10836-4 LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY, FOR SALE OUT OF CALIFORNIA.