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M A B – Model D, .32 ACP pistol. $200.00

M A B –  French pistol, Model D, semi-auto pistol chambered in .32 ACP.   This is a Type  II pistol manufactured after WWII,  1945, or later, it is single action and based on the FN Browning Model 1910.   Used by the French Army and police after WWII.  Following World War II, the MAB D was also used by the French military in Indochina. In France, it was used by various French governmental agencies, including the French local police, the Gendarmerie (military police and also civilian countryside police), the customs department, the National Forests Office, and the Banque de France.  As with other French firearms, MAB Ds were also used by the military and police of the Kingdom of Morocco, a French protectorate. In the years after World War II, German police forces also used the MAB D.  A nice collectible piece of history.  $200.00  #12691-5-2