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German Sports – GSG-5, Semi-auto .22 Rifle. $495.00 SOLD

German Sports  –  Model GSG-5, semi-auto rifle chambered in .22LR.  (GERG2210LTDO97)

AMERICAN TACTICAL IMPORTS Model GSG5  Rimfire Rifles German Sports Guns 22 LR w/16.25″ Barrel/Synthetic Stock. The GSG 5 is an identical replication of the MP 5 submachine gun, except one great thing: Its a 22 cal.  THIS IS NOT THE PLASTIC 522.  Because of the low cost of ammunition the GSG 5 makes a perfect plinking rifle, training rifle or a serious varmint hunting rifle. Nothing of its kind has ever been introduced in the United States. The user will be impressed with its weight and performance. If you are a varmint hunter you will be encouraged by all the options the GSG-5 has to offer with its railing system, faux suppressor and easy change magazine. For training purposes, the GSG-5 is a low cost alternative for Law Enforcement agencies and departments that use MP5’s in the field.  H&K instituted a law suite against German Sports for patent infringements and stopped them from producing the rifle in 2009.  Although the rifle were originally supplies with a fake suppressor, ATF determined in their wisdom that the fake suppress constituted a  real suppressor even though it was not physically capable of suppressing sound.  German Sports issued a replacement that looks identical to the original but ATF determined that the replacement was acceptable.  This gun has the proper replacement imitation suppressor.  This is a new and unfired rifle and there are not more of them available.  This is the real deal,  1St Anniversary Model with three magazines, manual and original box.  $495.00  #7732-GF