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Handguns (New)

Glock – 19. 9mm pistol. $495.00

Glock –  Model 19, 9mm semi-auto pistol.  This is a Gen 3 model, getting harder to find in California as it is the only approved generation Glock.   Glock has not announced how much longer they will produce this great 3rd generation compact pistol.  Black finish, 4 inch

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Sig Sauer – P250, 40 S&W pistol. $495.00 (LE ONLY)

Sig Sauer  –  Model 250 U.S. Border Patrol limited production, semi-auto compact pistol chambered in 40 Smith & Wesson.  Number 567 of 2463, custom engraved for the Boarder Patrol.  Unique modular gun allows shooter to remove  functional mechanism and replace into a grip frame of his choice. 

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Ruger – Vaquero Bisley, 45 LC, revolver. $725.00 SOLD

Ruger  –  Bisley Vaquero, single action revolver chambered in 45 Long Colt  (RBNV-455-I).   This is the original model Vaquero, no long available.  Heavier frame than the current versions, to handle the stoutest 45 Long Colt loads, 6.5 inch barrel. blued finish with case colored frame.  Includes

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Ruger – Blackhawk, ,357 mag revolver. $589.00

Ruger  –  New Model Blackhawk, single action revolver chambered in .357 Magnum.  All stainless steel construction,hardwood grips with medallion,  6.5 inch barrel, adjustable rear sight.  Comes in factory hard case with manual and lock.  New and unfired.  $589.00  #4768-5-2

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Sig Sauer – P238, 380 pistol. $699.00

Sig Sauer  –  Model P238 (238-380HD-CA), semi-auto pistol chambered in 380ACP.  Small, compact (2.7) handgun built with the same accuracy and reliability as the large frame Sigs.    Stainless steel slide and frame, 2.7 inch barrel, 6+1 capactiy, plus Siglite Night Sight.  New and unfired in factory hard case,

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ISSC – M22, .22LR pistol. $339.00

ISSC – Model M22, semi-auto pistol chambered in .22LR.  Made in Austria, this fine pistols are capable of target quality shooting with a  4 inch Lothar Walther precission match grade barrel. Durable black polymer frame with textured grip and grasping area for each finger.  Weaver style rail

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