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Baker Rifle – 1806, .62 cal, Blackpowder rifle. $800.00 SOLD

Baker  –  Model 1806 Sharpe’s Rifle, muzzle loader, .62 caliber ball.  Reproduction of the famous Baker Rifle with round patch box, rounded lock and goose-neck cock.  Has rare “period correct” browned barrel and comes complete with reproduction Black Leather Sling and 23 inch Baker “sword Bayonet” with leather scabbard.  Rifle is .62 caliber smooth bore and fires a .60 caliber patched lead ball ( 25 led balls and pre-lubed patches included).  Unfired and complete with mounted leather wrapped flint.

A little history:  The rifle regiments of the British Army used the Baker Rifle throughout the Napoleonic Wars, and it was popularized by Bernard Cornwell’s “Sharpe’s Rifles” series of novels and the British TV series of the same name starring Sean Bean.  In North America, the Baker Rifle was used by the rifle companies of the 60th Regiment during the invasion of Main in 1814.  The 3rd Battalion of the famous 95th Rifles used them at New Orleans in 1815.  After the war, the 60th and Rifle Brigade continued to use them in garrison in Canada in the 1840’s.  The Mexican Army purchase large stocks of Baker Rifles which were used at the Battle of the Alamo.

Perfect for re-enactors, a decorative “wall hanger” or just plain fun black powder shooting!  Value over $800.00.  Asking $600.00  Non – FFL item. Cash and carry.